Summer Swimwear Inspiration

Sunday night I went to the hot tub at Radisson Hotel at Flagstaff Gardens with my friends and family. They have a beautiful hot tub, but the chlorine chemicals that the management put in the water was so intense it bleached all the coloured print out of my and my Mum’s bikinis. I was so disappointed because I only wore my new Cia Maritima bikini that I bought in Florida for the 2nd time (I blogged about it in a previous post). Because I was super disappointed that my favourite bikini was now ruined, I started browsing online for a new bikini to cheer me up and inspire me to look forward to the Australian Summer this December! I’ve actually been working out at the gym diligently for the last 5 weeks and I will keep focused for my trip to Vietnam this December. So excited!

Take a look see at some of the bikinis I spotted that just blew my mind! Some designers can do so much with so little fabric! You can check out the full board of bikini photos and links to online boutique stockists that I collected on my Pinterest Account – I update it very regularly (actually more often than my Blog embarrassingly). Also, if you’re wondering who that gorgeous Sports Illustrated model is in most of the images below, her name is Chrissy Teigen. She has Thai heritage and is so beautifully exotic! I love how Sports Illustrated is using more Asian models now, especially since Australian model Jessica Gomes (who is half Singaporean-Chinese!) came onto the scene.

Anyway, keep connected with me to see what I’m up to on Pinterest. I may blog about my planned Vietnam vacation wardrobe soon!

This is my favourite, since the Yellow just POPS! It has tiny hand-sewn flowers all over the bikini top with little sequins. This line was co-designed by Chrissy Teigen for swimwear fashion line diNeila Brazil. Love their bikinis!

My next favourite bikini by L*Space Swimwear Collection. It gives a whole new look to teeni-weeni, itsy-bitsy, polka-dotted, spot bikini! It has pink faux leather weaved through chain links for straps and a fold at the front of the bottoms so that it sits slightly lower!

This bikini is Vitamin A. It has a sexy leopard print with turquoise straps tied through gold loops.

Another Cia Maritima bikini in a greeny-gold python print with signature gold “Cia-Maritima” detail. It would look beautiful to match with gold chain accessories for the beach. It’s on special for less than $50!

This bikini is a real statement piece by Lady Lux Swimwear. It has a tiny Brazillian cut back on the bottoms for “minimal” coverage and leather straps with gold buckles. It’s very much like THAT BIKINI style that celebrity Olivia Munn (also of Chinese heritage!) wore in her much publicised beach shoot. THAT BIKINI was in so many gossip magazines. This is the closest thing I could find online to match her bikini, but I think it looks even better!

Paparazzi shot of Olivia Munn in THAT BIKINI. Bikini shows how awesome her figure is. Go Olivia!

di’Neila bandau bikini in python print with neon-yellow back and bottoms. Love how the print is paired with neon-yellow. Yellow looks amazing with a tan!

di’Neila bikini in violet purple blended pink print with black ties. Love the combination of colours!

Another Vitamin A bikini with a fancier cut top than your average bikini. Very sexy! I don’t know how I would like the tan lines though…

Most daring for last – Sauvage Swimwear! It is a “bare” minimal bikini thong bottom with Diamonte triangle detail on the tail bone (note there’s no fabric under that diamonte triangle! What this bikini lacks in fabric it makes up for in impact. Only in a time and place where I would dare to bare!


  1. Wow! Some great bikinis. So sad that the one you bought here is ruined by the chemicals. But that must be what forced you to look online at all the other options. We are moving into fall here in Florida, so it’s still bikini weather (almost all year for us). Always interesting to see how designers recreate a standard.


    1. Well, I found out after searching online that the best places to buy bikinis is indeed Florida! All the nicest online boutiques are based in Florida. I told my friend Shirley whose traveling the US in 2 weeks to buy bikinis in Miami when she’s there 🙂


      1. And in a little more than a month, you can go bikini shopping again! Though the clearance sales are NOW / late fall in Florida.


      2. Great! I can’t wait to go shopping when I head to the US in a few weeks. I’m so excited!


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