Nasty Gal Fashion Haul!

This haul covers some online shopping I did at Nasty Gal is fast becoming my favourite online fashion point, because I love their California Girl aesthetic, and they just keep coming out with really cool outfits at such a fast pace I can’t keep up. It’s phenomenal because browsing their website always turns up something new, from fresh items to new feature shoots, blog posts and forums on Facebook, etc. Nasty Gal is quick-fast becoming an online fashion community, and they are rival to some of the biggest online retailers out there. Very smart! Price is hard to beat, and now they have $15 flat rate international shipping (free for US domestic over $50)! If you’re worried about sizing, pretty much all the items I’ve bought on Nasty Gal tends to be on the larger side. I’m a good size 8, and can fluctuate to almost a size 10, and I always buy Small without any hesitation. I once bought M which was too big, so if you’re an average size 10 (Australia) I would definitely stick with the small. Click on the “online” images to go to their website. Check out my nasty Nasty Gal pieces below.

Cropped Houndstooth Halter Top. Suits my hairstyle nicely!

I didn’t actually realise there were studded spikes on the collar until I received it in the post. Still haven’t figured out whether I like it. What do you think?

Bringing Sexy Back! Halter Back!

The online version. She has my hairdo!

Spot me in my Romper!

The online version.


  1. Karen

    Hi Susanna, as promised, i am writing my reviews about my recent purchase from Nasty Gal. The London Solace silver wide leg trousers were very much on the tight side. I could hardly zip them up. Also, on the conversion chart on the nasty gal website, it was noted that size L would be size 8US, but on the little size label inside the pants, there was not mention of size L and not only that , it was even written that it is a size 6 not 8. When i called them thinking i got a wrong size, they said these particular pants’ s size are xs= 0, s=2, m=4 and L = 6. Nothing on the website noted this, which i find very misleading. The other pants were okay as they were the Nasty Gal brand , so they run true to size as per US sizing. The shopping experience was ok and they do reply promptly to emails, but i think there are very overpriced in general. Hope this helps anyone who is considering buying from Nasty Gal.


  2. Karen

    Hi Susanna, Thanks for the advice. I took yr advice and purchased the size L for the Solace trellis pants , but i have already ordered the L for the crop mad jeans , which is actually a nasty gal brand, so fingers crossed for this one as it could be way too big. The polka dot “spot one” , i ordered the M . Will let you know once i receive my orders. Another thing, are they flexible in return times? Did u have any problem in getting your refund back if it arrives after their 30 day period? Thx. Xxx


    1. Hi Karen,
      I’ve refunded items from NG more than once, and they were fairly prompt about responding and refunding the money. I was out of pocket for postage, but that was reasonable. The 30 day period is from receipt of the garment, which means that it would be 30 days from the day you were delivered your parcel by post. My understanding, is if you haven’t received the parcel yet within 30 days from when they dispatched the goods, is that the 30 day return policy doesn’t apply yet. I think their return policy seems pretty straight forward and reasonable from my point of view, and my experience has been positive in the past. I wish you luck!


  3. Karen

    Hi, i am about 138 pounds (63 kgs,) waist 29-30 inches (79-80 cms) and 5 4 tall (164 cms). First time buying from Nast gal. Customer service advised me to go for a Large in jeans and M in a polka dot white pants and L in a solace london trellis wide leg trousers. I am not sure if this is good advise as you are saying you had to get smaller sizes from them always. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!


    1. Hi Karen,
      I had a look at some of the items you posted about. I’d say that American labels, aka NG, tends to run bigger for size and is often stretchy, and I can see that according to your measurements that they recommended you a size down to an M (W 73.7cm) which according to their sizing guide would mean that they told you to go smaller. Solace London Stellis looks like an overseas label (European) and I would say that their sizes would be less generous than American sizing. So L size may be to accommodate your waist sizing without having to cinch too much (waist can flex quite a bit because there isn’t bone, so depends on whether you were super cinched or just relaxed when you took your measurements). As for the jeans, I can’t say since I don’t know what style or label you picked. Everyone can wear size up in jeans if they want a more Boyfriend-style cut, and then of course you have styles that are super fitted. Jeans are hard to buy online because fit can be so important. I’d say that their advice seems to be about right from my perspective, although there’s always that risk when shopping online! Good luck and let me know how it goes.


  4. Janice

    Hey there! I was wondering are you from Australia? Did you have to pay any custom fees by purchasing from nasty gal?


  5. Hey I have that exact same houndstooth halter… it looks amazing on you!


    1. Thanks! I love it 🙂 If you have any photos of yourself in the same top feel free to post links. I love sharing outfit photos!


  6. Amanda

    Love your houndstooth. Personally I think it looks better on you than the model! I stumbled upon your site and thought I should ask you about nastygal’s pants sizing. What would their S size be?
    You also mentioned about their sizing running large. Their models are skinny like myself, so i would fit their size but I have read bad reviews about their sizes not being accurate. Dress straps falling off but fitting at the waist, etc. I am also interested in getting their dresses.

    Hope you will be able to help me out.

    Thank you so much! 🙂


    1. Hi Amanda,
      Thanks for the comment! I really appreciate it! It is true that their sizes run quite large. I would be a standard size 8 top and size 10 bottom in most Australian mainstream fashion labels and I would never buy anything larger than a Small size at Nastygal. Their sizing is American, and the Small size would be a size 10 or a generous size 8 in Australia. I made that mistake once thinking that a stretchy tight fitting dress might be too small for me around the hips so I opted for a Medium size and ended up returning it because it was too big, especially on the top. The models looks very small, but they would be a standard size 8 I believe. If I ever wore a size 6 I think there would be very little on the website that would fit me. If you live in the US, shipping is free and they will refund anything you change your mind about quite quickly from my experience. I just had to pay for shipping costs to send it back. I hope that helps!


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