5 Last Minute EOFY Purchases

We’re 5 days out from the End of Financial Year (EOFY) on June 30, and I thought to put together a list of my 5 last-minute EOFY purchases. In the spirit of the EOFY, and to celebrate what I hope will be a good tax reimbursement after lodging my tax return, I’ve been shopping up a storm and bundling my receipts safely in my pockets for my accountant, Matt. Matt, if you’re reading this, these are all classified as “Office Supplies” OK? *Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge.*

This is the first year I haven’t been running around like a be-headed chicken with tax receipts spewing from the space where my head used to be. YAY for me! Check out my 5 best buys  below and let me know what you’ve spent your last dollars for EOFY in the comments below.

Myer Department Store Florist Bourke St, Teacup Succulent $35

Myer Department Store Florist Bourke St, Teacup Succulent $35

1) Office Plants

OK, so my first attempt to pretty up my office space with lovely potted flowers led to 3 very dead plants and 1 that I haven’t been able to talk down from the ledge of this building yet. Whatever life I tried to breath into this office died from over-watering and then under-watering. So this time I picked something more resilient, but just as cute (because I’m not shallow like that). The florist at Myer’s city department store reassured me that these were good if I gave them a spritz of water once a month, so succulents are now my pet friends. EOFY budget well spent!

Logitech Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard with Stand $85 (in store)

Logitech Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard withStand $85 (in store)

Typo Chubby Checker Laptop Case $29
Typo Chubby Checker Laptop Case $29

Target's Linda Panel Heater with Digital Timer $67 (on sale)

Panel Heater $67 from Target

Jackson Surge Protected 4 Multi Plug $19.88
Jackson Surge Protected 4 Multi Plug $19.88

2) Tablet Keyboard

Who else almost smashed their tablet from frustration because of its damn touch-screen keyboard? Perhaps you typed paragraphs with typos everywhere and your fingertips are too fat to get the cursor to go back without retyping the entire word. Sound familiar? EOFY Tablet Keyboard to the rescue! This is a blue-tooth tablet keyboard with stand for Windows 8 and Andriod tablets. The guy at Officeworks, told me that it works for iPads too. YAY!

3) Tablet Friendly Satchel

Who says that you can’t work in style? My tablet friendly satchel over here begs to differ. It’s a cute checker satchel which is big enough for the odd-shaped Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2, which is longer than all the cute iPad-shaped bags everywhere. I bought it at Typo, which is kind of like the Hipster cousin to Kikki-K.

4) Energy Efficient Electric Heater

So its winter over here, and it is FREEZING! The city building where I work is old-school architecture, and stays pretty chilly all winter long. The girl who moved out took her mini-bar fridge with her, but until now we haven’t need it yet. Until NOW. YAY I can feel my fingers again!

5) Outlet Power Board

I bought this surge and overload protected power board outlet after the electric heater over-surged and cut out all my office appliances. It might seem like a boring purchase, but you can never have enough power outlets in an office. Saves me from having to crawl under my desk to unplug my printer to plug in my desk light. WIN!


  1. Clever story. I really enjoyed it I have that same plant – but in a giant tea cup that my sister Liz gave me. It looks great in a fancy tea cup. We call it echevarria. (sp?) and in Florida you don’t even need to spritz because of the high humidity.

    I do remember all the “tax sales” in Australia when we were there in June a few years back. In the US the tax year ends in December, so ours are just “end of the year” / “after Christmas” sales. We have a sales tax holiday every year in August, if you are here this year, you can buy clothes and shoes and school lsupplies and skip the 7% tax!


    1. Yes! We do have a lot of “tax sales” this time of year. I guess it relates more to being able to be reimbursed completely if its a work expense that is out of pocket. So a lot of people upgrade their office appliances and things this time of year. We also have Boxing Day Sales the day after Christmas here. Very much like the Black Friday sales you have in the US, but then again those sale discounts are insane! We have nothing to compare to that over here!


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