Shop & Tell – Sleek Makeup Delivery

Since I’ve started shopping online, the Postman has been making regular deliveries to my place, and I couldn’t be more excited to receive them! About 3 weeks ago, I ordered 2 different Sleek Makeup Eyeshadow Pallets – Storm & Au Naturel. I had seen so many reviews of the Sleek eyeshadow pallets on Youtube and on the internet. Bloggers have been commenting on how great the pigment is and also on the price. At $10 a pallet for 12 colours, who could complain?! A lot of eyeshadow I’ve used in the past hasn’t had that great of pigment, and forces me to be heavy handed. Even then my eyeshadow makeup is generally very light. MAC is the best eyeshadow I’ve tried for that reason, but it can be pricey at over $30 for 1 eye shadow colour pot!!!! Anyway, you can take a peek at my newest delivery below. I’m going to try them out, and if it works out well, maybe I’ll try doing a eye makeup video tutorial for some fun looks. Keep your eyes open for my next posts!

Storm Eyeshadow Pallet.

Au Natural is on the left and Storm is on the right.

Very cool packaging!


  1. My eyes are peeled. A make-up lesson would be great. I am a make-up minimalist, so I like the “Au Natural” — but I think “Storm” would be fun to experiment with. I have a wedding to go to at the end of the month and am considering somethig slightly different make-up-wise.


    1. It’s always fun to experiment with makeup! I’ve been doing plenty of that this year. Most of what I wear is minimalist I would say. Lucky that you have an occassion to dressup!


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