Koko Black – Chocolate Heaven!

JJ and I always enjoy indulging our sweet hearts at one of our favourite dessert places – Koko Black. Actually, we ended up spending the afternoon at Koko Black last Sunday while wandering around the city, but I thought to make this a separate post, since there were just so many lovely photos, and I didn’t want to create a long thread of them in one post. I think the collection of photos in my last post “Sweet Taste of Melbourne” really captures the modern European flavour that is Melbourne, but Koko Black deserves it’s own post because they just have exceptional service and great range of Gluten Free desserts. They also clearly mark which chocolates are Gluten Free on their table menus, and their staff are always happy to check with the barista for the kinds of Gluten Free coffees and hot chocolates they can make for you. The Hot Chocolate is Gluten Free as is the vanilla and chocolate ice creams. JJ and I always enjoy the Belgium Spoil special for two that you see in these photos. The standard Belgium Spoil includes shortbread, but they switch it out for other Gluten Free options if you ask. Everything you see in these photos is Gluten Free and SO DELICIOUS! These photos were taken at the Royal Arcade’s Koko Black off Bourke Street, opposite the Bourke Street Myer Department Store.

I’m enjoying an Ice Chocolate drink, with the Belgium Spoil chocolates and JJ’s Hot Chocolate drink.

Koko Black Hot Chocolate!

Florentines and Chocolates. All Gluten Free!

JJ enjoying his hot chocolate.

Watching the passers-by as they walk passed the arched window.

Really lovely windows upstairs the shop. Window seats are the best!

Koko Black’s Royal Arcade store.

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