Tasmania’s Obsession with Fudge!

I’m in the city of Hobart in Tasmania today for work and came across the most adorable little Retro Fudge Bar. It is just plain cute! I had a nice chat to the lady shop owner who told me that it just opened up in February this year. She was so sweet and let me sample all the different types of fudge until I could eat no more! I ended up buying a set of 6 blocks of a variety of different flavours which included: Lemon Meringue, Choc Orange, Caramel Choc, Mint Choc, Strawberry, and Coffee Choc. All my flavours were Gluten Free, so I can bring them back to Melbourne and share with my Boyfriend, JJ. I was told that they last for up to 3 weeks! Other flavours included Creme Brulee, Cowboy (has some liquer), Liquorice, Cookies and Cream, and more! The shop was just so cute, and as I chatted with the shop owner longer, I found out we had the same love of magazines such as : Frankie (Fashion & Lifestyle) and Real Living (interior design). I think from the photos below you’ll be able to see the influence of both magazines. That’s probably why I like it so much!

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  1. That’s one of the great things about travel: you find interesting people and places that are not in the guidebooks, not on the radar. How fun that you found this shop! It looks adorable. And JJ does LOVE fudge. We used to make it for the teachers at Christmas, and we always got it at the Pier.


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