This is What Velocity Gold Looks Like!

I just received my Velocity Gold membership from Virgin Australia in the mail today! It’s a nice bump-up privilege for me as a loyal customer and regular flyer with Virgin Australia Airlines. They have some pretty decent perks such as:

Complimentary Check-in Luggage
Annual Virgin Lounge Membership – this is the equivalent to an airline business lounge which includes buffet, barrista coffees and bar (after 11am), wifi, magazine, television and handy shower facilities with fresh towels and toiletries. I will note that after a 13 hour flight from LAX to Sydney, a shower at the Virgin Lounge is the BEST THING EVER!
Priority Check-in and Boarding – no Ques! No better feeling than by-passing a huge line of people waiting so that you can be served first!
75% Velocity Point Bonus – trust me, these add up quickly!
Some privilege memberships with some other hotel and car hire programs
Entry to over 150 business lounges for partnered airlines globally (YAY!)

My membership card and luggage tags!

Barrista coffees and food for all in the lounges! YUM!

Virgin Lounge. Free WIFI!

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  1. Sounds great! I want to travel with YOU! (Even if you didn’t have this.. but really, a shower after 16 hours on a plane sounds like heaven!)


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