Shop & Tell – Nicole Fendel Jewellery Haul

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I went to visit my young friend and designer, Nicole Fendel today. She has the most beautiful office show room in Malvern! It’s a very fresh, all white and feminine space with all the most modern jewellery designs you’ll ever see. I used to work for Nicole a few years back, and her jewellery just gets more beautiful each season! After receiving the latest NFJ email newsletter last week, I just had to have the new collection of rings that came in. Since the newsletter went out until today, most of the rings have SOLD OUT OMG! Of course there will be another shipment coming in and you can certainly go to NFJ website to see what they have, so its not the end of the world. Phew! Anyway, have a look see at my latest shopping spree above. Jewellery is Sterling Silver and or 18K Rose Gold – AMAZING! Always loved her stuff, and you can certainly wear these pieces every day and quality I can vouch for. One of my favourite pieces from the past was a silver NFJ inscribed pendant on a long chain, and it hung so low that I must have hit it on every table I ever sat at while wearing it, and it’s still in tip top shape. Not even a scratch! Let me know if you like my newest additions to my fashion family.


  1. I love NFJ. I looked over her latest creations online. The earrings you are wearing were my favorites; I guess we both have good taste! I like the blue, but was not sure if it is turquoise or a different stone? The white nail polish looks great with the black ring, too.


    1. Yes! The earrings have more of a pastel blue stone, and I would say that the rings are more of a lighter shade of turquoise coloured gem, and translucent like crystal. I like the white nail polish too. It goes with everything, especially black onix stone. Let me know if you like anything specific from her collection, because I’ll be visiting Nicole for lunch again in 2-3weeks.


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