Stud-y Hard!

I’ve developed a real obsession for the stud fashion craze of recent. I’ve been flooding my pinterest boards with inspirational images of studded everythings for the last week. I actually received a studding machine (it’s more a piece of plastic than an actual machine) for my 7th birthday almost 20 years ago now. I thought it was a lame gift when I first got it, but looking back now it was an awesome gift! I can’t wait to stud something with it and turn “Meh” tops, shoes and shirts into “OMG! Where did you get that? I want one!” worthy fashion statements. Take a look at some of my images below. Hopefully I’ll have something cool to show for all of my “research” soon! Let me know your thoughts on the stud trend!

Doesn’t this make this simple top just pop?!

Another Blogger I like, modellbloggen, knows that turquoise, suede and studs are an awesome match!

This makes me want to cut the collars off all of my shirts!

One of my favourite Fashion Bloggers, Carolina Krews, rocks the stud trend like a pro!

I have something in my left pocket for you…

Who needs a chip on their shoulder when you have studs?!

Walk the talk!

Did you know that studs make great gifts? Uhh…YEH!


  1. I love the studded collars and shoes!!




    1. Me too! I’m thinking they’re going to make some great DIY Christmas pressies!


  2. I like that a 20 year old birthday gift is getting new life. Funny how things come around again. I think several of the bikinis that you tried on here in Florida had studs. I must see what’s still in my closet from way back.


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