White Nail Polish

Outfit of the Day – Business Casual Chic

Today, I am going for a lunch meeting with some hip people, but also want to look like I have serious style too. Result – Business Casual Chic!

I am wearing a lot of black and white today, but have made it a little more edgy/hip with my white nail polish teamed together with my Sass & Bide fluro yellow and tan heels. Wow! Other components of the outfit include my Bul high-waist black mini skirt, Zara halter top, black loose blazer and beige skinny belt (Korean no-name brand), and Diva necklace. White nail polish is by a popular Korean cosmetic brand called Skin Food – it has vitamin and keratin for strong nails!

Makeup was done very simple and bright. I used mostly pastel shimmer pink shadow and white eye liner to brighten up the eyes. Thin black eyeliner on the top lid to add definition, and a hearty matt pink lipstick.

Diva Necklace

Diva Necklace

Sass & Bide Heels
These heels have excellent ankle support! Comfy to wear. Check our my pink toe nails!

White Nail Polish

Look at that stupid broom stick handle in the back of my bathroom! Argh! My head wasn’t big enough to cover it hahaha!

Zara Halter Top

Zara Halter Top

Outfit of the Day - Business Casual Chic

Outfit of the Day – Business Casual Chic



  1. Tres Chic! You stirke the perfect balance between business and hip. This outfit would work very well in Hollywood, NYC, or another top city (like Melbourne!). Love the Zara top paired with the blazer, and the necklace is perfect.


  2. Those heels are brilliant.
    Love them!


    1. Thanks! I love them equally!


  3. Fabulous outfit, the shoes to die for.


    1. Thanks! The price is to die for also haha! But worth every cent!


      1. I believe it. I really like the two-tone of those.


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