Effie Trinket – May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favour…

I’m doing a makeup trial run-through in preparation for a themed costume Ball on Friday night. I’ll be going as Effie Trinket from the film Hunger Games. I’m so excited because I put together the costume myself. I went out yesterday to buy lots of cheap makeup to do this look. I also bought the giant rose on my head half price! The other black flowers on my jacket are actually from my high school formal (prom) 10 years ago. The pink blazer I was given as a gift by my friend’s aunty in South Korea. The blazer is funny story on its own, because this aunty is an eccentric fashion designer from New York City 80’s (she claimed to have drawn Andy Warhol‘s portrait in person!). Apparently, she’s always giving away wild and colouful clothes that her nieces think is not fashionable, but I think this outfit totally works! As for the final and essential pieces, I will be picking up my curly wig tomorrow from my friends at Rose Chong’s Costume Shop in Fitzroy, which is a very famous costume hire store that supplies to all the local TV productions. Stay tuned for the final masterpiece in tomorrow’s blog post!

I’m waiting to pick up my wig tomorrow to complete the look!


  1. Oh dear. This really really works. Follow-up photos with the final look?


  2. Yes! Effie…. with the wig I can imagine it. Perfect look. You should win a prize!


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