Effie Trinket – How to Achieve the LOOK!

I thought I’d separate the post with the final look and the post on how I achieved it since this post involves more photos and I didn’t want to over-shadow the final look photos.

For My Makeup: (you can buy most of it at Priceline or Groove Accessories)
Violent Lip Lip Tattoo in rose petal print (These are sooooo cool and easily removable like press on fake tatoos!), Sally Hansen Nail Sticker Nail Polish in Lace (Stuck on and no dry time), Paperself laser cut paper fake eye lashes in Peacock (Amazing! They were weightless and way more comfortable than any fake eyelash I’ve worn! I cut these in half to wear), MAC Liquid Eyeliner, NYX Liquid Foundation in lightest shade (ivory), Maybelline New York “Fit Me” Press Powder Foundation (115 ivory), NYX eye/eyebrow pencil 906 white (used to white out eyebrows), and finally, dirt cheap pink eye shadow from Groove Accessories which was 1 in 12pack KleanColor Hawaiian Rainbow (It had really good pigment, was bright, and I spent $2.50 on the WHOLE PALLET because one colour was broken from travel. Whoo!). All NYX Makeup was half off also because Groove Accessories just has amazing discounts. I’m such a stickler for a bargain!

For My Props:
Purple Wig was styled by Rose Chong’s Costume Shop in Fitzroy, vintage Pink Jacket from South Korea, 2x vintage Scarves (one pink polka dot another creme) from Shanghai, Giant Black Rose from Groove Accessories at Melbourne Central (OMG everything is SO CHEAP here! All makeup and accessories insanely cheap!), Tea Cup and Saucer (comes with tea pot in set) from Universal Enterprises, and Paper Sparrow name card from wedding I attended (nifty eh?!).

As a bonus for those of you who read this entire blog post, I’ve included photos of some other costume and makeup of girls from the event. Way cool!

Black Swan inspired makeup with feather detail!

Evil Anime Doll!

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