Best Fashion Beauty DIY Bloggers!

I’ve been blogging for some time now in a sense that I was observing the blogging of others long before I was brave enough to start my own. Over that time, I’ve come across bloggers that post really engaging content, and I think they’ve got a good idea of what their target readers like to see (people like me!). The act of blogging itself has become really diverse because you’ve got so many different social mediums such as Blogs, Tumbler, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube (Vlogging), and of course Facebook. I’m a very non-committal observer and seldom “follow” people rather than check back regularly, so you might appreciate the accessibility of my list of favourite Bloggers despite not having to sign up for yet another Account with another social medium! You can check out some of my favourite blog posts from these bloggers collected in my Pinterest “Bloggers that LOOOVE!” board.

I normally read/view fashion, beauty and DIY craft blogs, so this list would be my recommendation for best bloggers!

I’m always open to discovering other great blogs, so let me know what you think about my favourite bloggers, and feel free to post your favourite bloggers in the comments section below!

Best Beauty Blog – Annie Jaffrey
I LOVE Annie Jaffrey! She’s a breath of fresh air and sunshine when it comes to beauty and healthy living tips. Annie is as popular for her blog as she is her Youtube Channel – Anniejaffrey. I’ve made all sorts of small changes to my beauty routine and cooking that have made a great difference to my overall beauty. I followed her Winter haircare tips and went from dry, straw like highlights and split ends to beautiful, healthy, shiny hair. My hairdresser refused to cut my hair short because she said it was so healthy and beautiful! I also now use a juicer, clay mask, cook quinoa (super healthy grain that is now my favourite meal) and other healthy recipes – all on Annie’s recommendation! She always uploads beautiful photos of herself with different makeup looks, outfits and holiday snaps. Her blog is really lovely to read and I can equally recommend her Youtube Channel.

Best Fashion Blog – Song of Style
Aimee Song (pronounced Awmee) is an Interior Designer from San Fran who is a real celebrity fashion blogger. She updates her blog almost every day with snaps of her outfits in locations all around the world as she jet-sets off to exotic locations like NYFW, Spain and Brazil. She is certainly a stylish dresser and I just love looking at all of her photos which are really beautifully shot. Song of Style is a great blog for daily fashion fixes and inspiration, especially for those who like that California Girl style! LOVE!

Best Fashion Blog – Karla’s Closet
Karla’s Closet is another beautiful fashion blog by Karla who is a jewellery designer. She has classic European taste in fashion which is very feminine. This is a petite lady you will never see without heels! She has a very good eye and every one of her photos look good enough for a magazine cover! It’s a real pleasure to just browse her photos because they all look like great fashion shoots with interesting background locations. Normally when I browse fashion magazines, every now and then I’ll find an inspirational fashion shoot, but all of Karla’s shoots are beautiful and draw the eye in to enjoy her outfit!

Best Fashion Blog – Carolina Krews
This girl pretty much only comes out at night! Carolina Krews is a model that blogs photos of fashion, parties, cocktails, and accessories. Almost all of her photos are a blur of flashy parties and beautiful people. Her style is wild with a lot of sexy attitude. Not much to say, but she lets all the photos do the talking. Great fashion blog if you want to live a crazy life from the comfort of home.

Best DIY Craft Blog – Honestly WTF
Honestly WTF is more like an Online Magazine/Blog. They post lots of fashion, art, travel editorials, etc, but what I really enjoy is their DIYs. They have lots of GREAT DIY posts for making jewellery, accessories and embellishing Plain-Jane bags and shirts to make them WTF-worthy! If you’re a crafty person, or just enjoy admiring pretty things, you’ll be inspired by this blog.

Best DIY Youtube Channel – Andrea’s Choice
I actually have quite a few Youtube Channels that I watch that include Annie Jaffrey, but Andrea’s Choice is one of my favourites, especially for DIYs! Andrea is the most entertaining to watch with her “Whatever!” sassy attitude. Sometimes she gets a bit distracted with the squirrels, bugs and the sun’s glare interrupting her filming but it’s all part of the fun in watching Andrea! I know she’s technically not a blogger as she is a vlogger. Perhaps I should change the title of this post to Best Internet Content Contributors, but it wouldn’t have the same ring to it. Anyway, I like Andrea for being a great example of a different kind of beautiful. Her playful personality makes her irreplaceable. Check out her Youtube Channel for DIYs, makeup and hair tutorials, etc.


  1. thanks for sharing me sweetie πŸ˜‰


    1. Wow! I’m so chuffed you commented on my blog post! I love your blog. Check it all the time πŸ™‚ thanks for the comment!


  2. I love quinoa! It has been a great addition to my diet and home cooking. Good idea to post up the recipe. I’ll try to get that done soon! Thanks for the suggestion πŸ™‚


  3. This is a really great compilation of good sites. (My favorite fashion / food / fun blog? AboutSusanna, of course.) I must try quinoa more – I’ve only had it in restaurants. Can you post your best recipe for it?


  4. This blog post was requested by my friend Michelle! If there are any requests for special posts, I’m more than happy to take them! Post a message, or email me –


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