Gluten Free Cupcakes for Cup Day!

We just celebrated the Melbourne Cup Day public holiday here in Melbourne on Tuesday. It’s the first Tuesday of November every year where everyone gets the day off work and school to celebrate Melbourne’s highest profile Horse Racing Carnival at Melbourne’s Flemington Racecourse. We have horse racing all year round, but come September to November, we have the Spring Racing Carnival where there are Horse Racing Carnivals all around the state at large race courses. The great part of this is that it’s a major season for fashion since all the ladies get dressed up in sky-high heels, hats and fascinators! While I didn’t go to “The Races” this year, I did bake some pretty Gluten Free mini cupcakes in a “Spring” theme for party using a quick-mix Butter Cake set. I was unconventional this year because I didn’t go to The Races, but I thought I’d include some photos from previous year’s Derby Day Racing Carnival so that those of you who want to see what we look like at The Races can see what I’m talking about. Happy Cup Day everyone!

We all wear hats or hair ornaments called ‘fascinators’ at the races!

Spring colours are always bright, pink, floral – anything lady-like and girly!

Betting is a big part of The Races. A lot of the time girls pick the horse with the prettiest name, but as you can see the odds are not always with you!

These cupcakes are mini-sized. You could pick them up between your fingers and eat them in one bite! The Cake Set I purchased made 28 mini cupcakes and 6 large cupcakes.

I put 2 drops of pink food colouring into the frosting to make them pink. All ingredients are Gluten Free. The decorative flowers come separately but are also Gluten Free. Sprinkles you need to make sure do not contain any wheat in the ingredients before you can say they’re Gluten Free.

Basco Gluten Free Butter Cake Mix! All you need is a bit of butter, eggs and water and this box will turn into a beautiful Butter Cake, or in my case, 2 dozen mini cupcakes for Cup Day!


  1. […] I didn’t have my camera that day, but my friend Leo kindly sent this shot by email. Read my Gluten Free Cupcakes for Cup Day post if you want to see some other photos from the Melbourne Spring Racing […]


  2. Great looking cupcakes. (I wonder if you bet on the horse named “Chinchilla?” Seems a strange name for an equine.) Love the photos from Cup Day.


    1. Thanks Theresa! These photos are a bit old I admit, since they weren’t taken at this year’s Spring Racing Carnivals. I do however have a nice photo with JJ taken this Cup Day. Coming up in next post!


  3. JJ

    These cupcakes taste as good as they look! 🙂


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