About Susanna’s Face Lift!

I decided it was  time to shed some old skin and get a little brighter and lighter for Summer!

For those of you who follow or have visited my blog before, you would have noticed About Susanna‘s new “Face Lift”! You could say it was inspired by my Summer Swimwear Inspiration post a few days ago. I wish I had taken a quick screen shot of my “before” website, but I wasn’t prepped enough until it was too late. Oops! Oh well, I guess all that really matters is the NOW. I think it not only looks better but is more functional. I can do more with this website template. I actually played around with a few different designs and took screen shots so that I could decide which one I liked best. Have a look below and please let me know if you like my new “look”!

This is what the Home Page looks like now. It has a great Feature Banner up the top so that I can showcase the posts that are most popular or that I want people to read. It also allows me to have a thread of short blurbs of the blog posts with feature images, so you don’t have to scroll through dozens of entire blog posts and can just browse.

This was going to be my next pick for my blog. It was a great design for making my titles, headers and tabs very visible. However, I felt like the font was very “block-ey” and not feminine enough for my taste. I think it would have been a good look had I just wrote about crafts or gluten free recipes, but it didn’t reflect the broad range of interests and topics I write about.


  1. I love the coral background too. I selected the shade myself so that it could be fashionably bright, pretty and reflect my modern, feminine taste (nothing too pre-teen pink). Glad you like it!


  2. Great update. I do like the fonts that you picked. The layout is clean and very easy to read. For some reason, I love the coral background color.


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