Igari “Hangover” Makeup

So there’s a Japanese makeup trend mimicking the “hangover” or drunken pink cheeks that’s blazing its way around Asia right now. I’m always fascinated by beauty and makeup trends, and this one was just too darn cute to ignore!

Ironically, I don’t drink alcohol at all, so I would never have these kind of pink cheeks normally. Even so, given how silly the idea is of looking hungover or drunk on purpose, if you look at pictures of this trend online, you can’t help but admit its pretty cute. It’s very much an Asian thing to be considered attractive for being cute, so it’s by no means unbelievable that a trend like this might take off in Asia.

Basically, girls are using their blush underneath their eyes, and on the high side of the cheeks to give this flushed look. Everything else about the look is pretty natural looking, especially the eyes which are essentially neutral so as not to distract from the pink of the cheeks. Paired with some pouty pink lips, you’ve pretty much got the look. I posted a video tutorial from one of my favourite Beauty Youtubers, Wengie, who gives a decent breakdown of this beauty trend.

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