La Luna Bistro – Best Dessert Plate EVER!

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La Luna Bistro in the greenery of Melbourne’s North Carlton suburb, serves the BEST dessert plate my hubby and I ever had the pleasure of eating! The Mezze Plate had a selection of several superior desserts, each and every one of them tasting as good as the one next to it. Considering there were six separate desserts, it was a pleasant suprise, as I expected maybe two of the six to be really good and the rest just nice, but they were all simply fantastic! On the plate there was: Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee, Chocolate Pudding with Cream and Figs, Pavlova, Chocolate Brownie, Berry Sorbet, and Butterscotch Icecream with nuts and bits of butterscotch. It was the perfect taster for two people to share a bit of everything without feeling like you were left wanting anything more. I would recommend this bistro for their desserts alone.

The food at La Luna was also exceptional, although I would add on the rich side. Of course, if you’re going to eat out for a special occassion (it was my birthday), I can justify feeling a bit rich after such a meal. La Luna takes great care to source quality produce, so their meals are of excellent quality. We ordered the Crisp Duck Leg with caramalised onions, mash and cooked peach on a bed of some delicious sauce, as well as a Fettuccini with Rabbit, peas and butter sauce. Those were our mains, and we had the Croquettes with bacon and cheese, served with a special mayo sauce. The croquettes were delicious!

I also really enjoyed the restaurant’s rustic interior and appreciated their use of natural lighting with the large windows. It’s a small venue but intimate. Although we booked our table just earlier in the day, they certainly didn’t look quiet for a Wednesday night.

The service was also exceptional, and the waiters made excellent recommendations for the desserts. That and they also met my hubby’s request to write a Happy Birthday message on our dessert plate which came with a lit candle. So for presentation I give them a 10 out of 10!

In summary, I would certainly come back again, in particular for a special occassion (or just dessert!)



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