Outfit of the Day – Winter Chill

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Today was a cold day at about 11 degrees Celsius (about 50 degrees fahrenheit), and to top it off, it was rainy, cold and dark by 5pm. Winter was late, but it came nonetheless! What a change from our beautiful Summer days where sunlight didn’t disappear until 9pm!!! Anyway, to dress warmly, I layered up in mostly black and navy/white stripes. Black suede ankle boots with thigh-high socks scrunched like leg-warmers over opaque stockings. Last bits include a warm coat and red purse to add some pizzazz!

Some websites where I bought my clothes/accessories for this outfit:
www.nastygal.com (skirt & top worn underneath)
www.asos.com/au (coat)
www.nicolefendel.com.au (all jewellery)
www.tonybianco.com.au (black suede ankle wedged booties)
www.aliceeuphemia.com (Marnie Skillings Striped Jersey)


  1. Love the outfit! Everything looks great together and I really like the “pop” the red purse adds. So glad that the sad face is merely a pose, and not for real. You will have to come “visit summer.” July in Florida will be hot, humid, and perfect for the beach! Stay warm! (and beautiful and fashionable!)


    1. Thanks! I can’t wait to escape the cold weather here in July when I visit the US!


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