Home Sweet Home!

Hi everyone! I am not dead. If nobody noticed, I’ve been away in a far far away land for 3-4 weeks called the United States of America!!! I arrived in Melbourne last week, and boy does it feel great to sleep in my own bed for the first time in ages. I of course enjoyed the US as much as I missed home, which is ALOT. I got to see and do so many things, catch up with old friends I haven’t seen in almost 3 years and of course made some wonderful new friends along the way. I flew from Melbourne to LA, spent 5 days on a road trip to San Francisco, flew to New York City for a weekend, spent 3 days in Toronto visiting family, flew to Tampa/St Petersburg Florida for 4 days, and then spent 8 days in Atlanta running a conference for work before coming home. PHEW! Despite having a packed itinerary with an average of 5hrs of sleep each night, I came back feeling more energetic and refreshed than before I left. I think the people I spent time with helped to give me a new zest for life. I never take for granted those moments I have with friends in far away places, no matter how brief. I will report on some of the things I did in different places in separate posts, so that I can share with everybody my adventures. For now, here are some photos of my travel preparation and Home Sweet Home!

I was very ambitious and traveled with CARRY-ON SIZED LUGGAGE the entire 3 weeks! I lived out of these 2 tiny bags that entire time. Inside are 21 different outfits, 5 pairs of shoes, 5kgs of toiletries and cosmetics, a laptop computer and gifts for friends and family (football included).

I wore these booties on the plane flight over to LAX from Melbourne. They are super stylish and I could get away with wearing them in Summer. Only issue was that they were heavy and I didn’t end up wearing them that much. Won’t bring them next time!

My outfit for the flight to LAX. I had a scarf, very light layers underneath and my stretch suede pants/leggings. All comfy yet stylish!

This is the view outside my apartment that I left and came back to. I look at this everyday I work from home. It was actually the dead middle of Winter when I took this photo. This is what Winter looks like in Melbourne. Nice!

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  1. A wonderful overview of your trip. Amazing that you covered all of the US in just 3 weeks, and got a business conference in as well. We were so happy (and lucky) to see you. Can’t wait to read more.


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