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I just ordered and received a pair of Le Mont St Michel leggings with a brown suede panel down the front of the leg and I absolutely LOOOOOVE it! It has a stretch band at the waist and sits high so you avoid those unsightly “muffin tops”. They’re also super comfortable, and I will definitely be wearing these on the flight from Melbourne to LAX next weekend. What I love about these pants is that the suede panel makes them dressy enough to wear out with nice tops because leggings unfortunately sometimes look a bit daggy and not nice enough to wear to dinner. The front suede panels are also SOOO SLIMMING which is a huge plus! The label Le Mont St Michel is Parisian, and is a renown fashion house for their beautiful cable knit cardigans and sweaters. I really liked the colour and design philosophy of the brand which is quite clearly expressed in a range of beautiful fashion photo shoots and illustrations on their blog. Not that I can read any of it because it’s in French hahaha! Anyway, I bought it at, an online boutique that sells more upmarket fashion labels. I could tell from the images that the quality of the clothing was very high, and the make of all the clothes was a real emphasis. It’s a nice change from a lot of the online boutiques that stock very cheap garments with no lining and threads still hanging. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that because I still buy clothes like that, and lets face it, in this day and age, clothes are already very expensive! My Chameleon are having some amazing sales at the moment, and good ones with a huge portion of their stock going for 50-80% off. I will note that it’s still a more upmarket boutique and the price range is between $100-$500 on sale. Nevertheless, it is very quality stuff that would cost twice as much elsewhere. So I’d say this boutique price-range is between ASOS/NastyGal and Net-a-Porter. I like that very much! Anyway, My Chameleon was a pleasure to browse and they have FREE next day shipping to all Australian metro postcodes! I received it as promised next day and first thing in the morning at 9am! I will definitely be shopping here again. Note: My photos below are also of my Outfit of the Day!


  1. Love the suede leggings… but they are too nice to call “leggings.” (We need to invent a new word.) Perfect for the airplane! It is so nice to see your winter fashions, when we are so hot here! I love the knitted hat (?) warmer (?). Great website, Mont St Michel…. basically it all says that they design lovely fashions! And it is good practice for learning your colors in French. The pictures tell the whole story! The items are nice, but they do look up-scale.
    So you will be coming from Winter to Summer. I would like to read your fashion/travel advice as it can be tough to bridge the weather from Melbourne to LA to Florida to Atlanta. How do you pack for so many locations? LA should be nice (warm days / cool nights). Florida is hot (near 90-F / 30-35 C)… and Atlanta is having record heat right now (105 /40C), but will get back to normal (30C) before you arrive. Safe (and comfy and fashionable) travels to you!


    1. I have actually completely finished packing last night. I’m so excited about my trip to the US that I packed 3 weeks ago and kept reviewing my packing to add and take pieces out. I’ve planned all the items I am traveling with to the finest detail to make sure I have all the right things to wear for ALL occasions! I am being very very ambitious this trip to travel with only CARRY-ON luggage. I will live out of a carry-on sized suitcase for 3 weeks and have absolutely everything I need for all occasions (21 different outfits). This has been a challenge that I set myself because I travel so frequently I fully appreciate the convenience of not having to wait for your check-in luggage. I’m planning that on the last leg of my trip from Florida (just before Atlanta) that I’ll just have a box of JJ’s snacks taped up to check-in so that I can still bring home his snacks, but I won’t have to check-in luggage for the first 3/4 of my trip. This challenge is worth posting haha!


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