Sweet Tea Time

Shauna and I decided to take some sweet tea time as a break during our full afternoon of eating and shopping. After having an excellent lunch at Tipo 00, about 3 hours flew by without our notice as we did a full walk of Emporium and Melbourne Central. We needed a refresher, and just basically more time to rest our feet and chit chat more. My favourite shopping pit-stop is The Tea Salon. I’ve done high-tea times there, but I generally like their list of refreshing sweet Ice Teas. We ordered an ‘Old Charlie’ and ‘Turkish Apple Rose’ ice tea with a scone to share accompanied with jam and whipped cream. Just the perfect break before we headed our separate ways home.

After Shauna left to take the train home, I stuck around to meet my hubby JJ. We decided on TGI Fridays in Melbourne Central. It may be a plain American chain restaurant, but I love their Ahi Tuna Crisp starters, and it’s my idea of the perfect light food for a summer evening. We of course did it proper American-style, as is my hubby’s preference, and also ordered the Mac N’ Cheese bites, as well as the Chicken Nacho bites. They’re part of some trio starter menu thing which is a good way to try a little of everything. That and a steak to share, and it was perfect portions without that over-eating that comes with mismanaging American-portioned meals.

After all that, I would say a perfect Saturday was had today!


  1. I’m new to Melbourne so this post is giving me plenty of inspiration!


    1. Thanks for the feedback! I write a lot about Melbourne so I hope it helps you get acquainted with this city!


      1. Fab! Look forward to reading more of your posts.


  2. I will enjoy going there for tea on my next trip to Melbourne. I still love the tea time we had at the museum; it was awesome.


    1. Yes! I shall take you to high tea again, and this time at The Tea Salon!


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