California Love!

First destination on the Itinerary was LA, California! I went to visit my dear friend Anna, who is UCLA alumni studying Med School in Detroit, as well as my other dear friend Jamie, who flew all the way from Kentucky to spend time with me while I was in the US. The 3 of us did an action packed road trip North to San Fransisco and back in 5 days. We drove through breathtaking mountain ranges, coastline, Big Surr, Santa Barbara, Monteray, and finally San Fran! It was a great American Road Trip! So many memories to last a lifetime. We also went hiking in Malibu and ate heaps of In-N-Out burgers and fries trying out their “secret” menus hahaha! I took my brand new Digital SLR Canon EOS 60d camera on this trip. I tried to take as many beautiful photos as possible, and although it came so close to portraying how beautiful it actually was, it will never compare to what I saw with my own eyes. Check out my photos anyway!

I gave some creative direction for this shoot. I knew that grass complements any skin tone. The colours in this Californian sun are just beautiful. Well done, Jamie!

In Malibu!

Beautiful colours again! Beautiful Anna!

We all climbed on this tree trunk not knowing if we were asking for an accident to happen. Travel Insurance people!

Waterfall at the top of the steepest hike I’ve ever done in Malibu!

This is what we drove through for 6 hours. Amazing!

We rode on this cart along the beach in Santa Barbara. So much fun!


I took this shot of Anna as the fog was just passing over San Fran’s Golden Gate Bridge. Doesn’t it scream “I live to be an American!”???

Obsessed with giant American flags…

Gorgeous coastal views all along the drive to San Fran!

In-And-Out Burgers were a staple part of our Road Trip Diet!

Girl time in Malibu!


  1. Great photos! Even the “In-N-Out” sign looks fabulous! Your models are gorgeous, as is the scenery. Suddenly I want to go back to California (and play golf). I like the color saturation in the photos; must be a great camera.


    1. Before I left for US, I bought a polarised lens filter for my camera which acts like “sunglasses for your camera” I was told. So all the colours should look more vivid and beautiful. I think it worked a charm!


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