Go Gators! Go Florida!

Next stop – Tampa, Florida!!! Where the weather is warm all year round and you are most likely to find gators swimming in your pool hahaha! I went to visit my boyfriend, JJ’s family in St Petersburg / Tampa, Florida. My boyfriend always brags about growing up in paradise and he wasn’t lying. During this brief visit I got to putt some golf, enjoy the most beautiful beach in America, go shopping, eat fresh Giant Alaskan Crab, play card games and pet Chinchillas and big cats at JJ’s family home (like a mini petting zoo)! Over the weekend I was lucky enough to tag along with JJ’s sister Jessica and her boyfriend Peter to Sarasota, where their friends had a beautiful holiday house. I was given a true “Merican” education by Peter and his former college frat brothers on the sport of Beer Pong and Dodge Beer haha! We went to the No.1 Beach in America, Siesta Beach where the sea is warm and the sand is so pure white and velvet-y soft that it doesn’t get too hot to walk on. One of JJ’s closest friends (and now mine!) Hadi, drove all the way from Gainsville to hang out with me at Siesta Beach and in St Pete over the weekend. Thanks, Hadi! While in St Pete, I went shopping with JJ’s Mom, Theresa, and bought a beautiful bikini in Pass-A-Grille that was $300 but reduced to $50!!! The label is Cia.Maritima (made in Brazil) and is the largest manufacturer of swimwear in Brazil! Beautiful! I bought it from this lovely boutique in Pass-A-Grille called Dody Boutique. The shop assistant Susanne was just lovely! Other than shopping, I also got to enjoy the private Golf Putting Green that JJ’s Mom and Dad has in their backyard. It was great! I enjoyed it for about 10 minutes and ran inside because the mozzies (mosquitoes) were eating me alive hahaha! What I enjoyed the most about Florida was of course the people and how their hearts are as warm as the weather is all year round. Happy snaps below!

No.1 Beach in the USA!!!

BEST CRAB EVERRRR! I’ve never had so much crab in one sitting before. Delicious Alaskan King Crab!

Jessica and Peter’s friends who so kindly had me for the weekend up in Sarasota. They’re such a great bunch of people!

This is Jessica and Peter! They are the funniest Dodge Beer rival players I’ve ever seen!

My welcome reception!

Sir Charles – the 3rd Richardson child.

Theresa on the putting green in the backyard!

Cia.Maritima bikini. So cute!

Florida Gator merchandise all over the house. Go Gators!


  1. […] wore my new Cia Maritima bikini that I bought in Florida for the 2nd time (I blogged about it in a previous post). Because I was super disappointed that my favourite bikini was now ruined, I started browsing […]


  2. Yes, we do live in paradise. But it is even more divine when good friends like Susana and Hadi show up to brighten our days. You got to sample some of the Best of Florida: great seafood, beaches, and golf. More of that (or whatever you want!) on your next visit.


  3. Jessica R

    It was so sweet of you to put us in your blog! I feel famous!


  4. Shirley

    I love the putting green ! I want one of those. Mad house ! 🙂


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