Oh Canada!

Toronto, Canada is like a second home to me because I have so much family there! Everyone is very tight-knit and every time I visit, my family is tremendously generous and loving. It can also be quite crazy over there because we have 3 generations of relatives running around and lots of nieces and nephews. In fact, there are more nieces and nephews being born every year I visit, and we always joke that it’s only a matter of time before they out-number us hahaha! Most of my cousins took time off work just to hang out with me while I was there, and they brought me to places like Niagra Falls, Niagra on the Lake, shopping malls and downtown to The Distillery (a trendy area with restaurants and shops that was converted from old brick factory buildings). My cousin Aiden also had her first paid gig as a model, and she was featured on live television on a breakfast talk show modelling sportswear! The entire family was super excited for her! I also have a nephew Evan who is super sweet with me. He made me a special hand-made gift which was a rainbow Tshirt magnet, and forced himself to wake up extra early at 5am to give it to me before I left for the airport. His eyes were still closed when he jumped out of bed to hug me goodbye. So sweet! Some happy snaps are included below.

The flowers at Niagra on the Lake were beautiful!

Niagra on the Lake…on the lake.

My 18 year old cousin Yi Huan at Niagra Falls for the first time. She just moved to Toronto to go to college.

With my Aunt Evelyn and nephew Elden. We ate Yum Cha!

Yi Huan with my niece Fifi.

My nephew Evan. He’s such a smart 8 year old and can tell you everything you need to know about cars! When I removed my makeup that night, he asked me why I looked different. Hahaha!

Explaining to my nephew Eason that the baby tiger sticker he stuck on me ran away to eat ice-cream down the road. Hahaha!

Aiden on live TV!!!

At the Distillery in downtown Toronto!

My cousin Chin Chin is a musician (and married one too!). There was this piano at The Distillery that they let people play. Everyone there wished she would keep playing because she played so beautifully!

Family picnic before I left. It was such a beautiful Summer day to spend the evening in the park.

Family Photo!

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