Rosebud Beach

The other weekend, I ended up in Rosebud celebrating a friend’s birthday. Rosebud is this beautiful beach-side area along the peninsula east of Melbourne’s city. My friend’s boyfriend suprised her by hiring a house for the weekend, and inviting all her friends to stay for a suprise party. We all contributed a bit to making the celebrations, and I put together the floral and cake arrangements. This delicious cake was bought from Carlton’s iconic Brunetti Cafe – a beautiful chocolate hazelnut cake called Le Parisien.

We went for walks along Rosebud Beach, fishing off the pier, and BBQ at our home for the weekend. That and games all night until 3:30am made sure we were tired come Sunday afternoon and I was in for a much needed nap.

So it was a great weekend of festivities and a full week to follow. Here are some of my snaps, some of which were taken by friend with a good eye – Lien Hang.

Note: if you’ve mistaken my friend Emily for my friend Leanne, it’s because they’re twins. They are indeed two different people! See my post on Leanne’s birthday here.



  1. Looks so fun! Beautiful pics and dress!

    Naomi of


    1. Thanks Naomi! Was a great weekend!


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