Pure New Zealand!

I had to fly to New Zealand for a business trip last week which meant I had to leave over the weekend which was my boyfriend JJ’s birthday. Rather than leave him alone, I decided to bring him with me and we spent a beautiful weekend in Rotorua, New Zealand which is just about 3 hours South of Auckland. Rotorua was amazing and so beautiful! None of the photos I took really captured how beautiful it was driving through the valleys, mountains and green pastures. In Rotorua we saw natural Geysers that blow 100 water 10 meters into the air that is boiling at 100 degrees celcius! There were also lots of hot springs, and crater fields with steam seeping from surface cracks in the ground. It was surreal at times, like walking into another world. We also enjoyed sitting in some of the natural hot springs after a day of hiking around, kind of like nature’s hot tubs. One of my favourite things we did in Rotorua was getting to pat Lion Cubs at an Animal Sanctuary. We were lucky because the cubs were about to grow too big for people to pet anymore, and we also got one-on-one time with the cubs since there were few people. All the animals in this santuary were super friendly and you get to feed them all. They just light up when they see you walk in, it’s so cute! The last thing I have to say about Rotorua is that is smells overwhelmingly like rotten eggs everywhere. It was pretty bad, but even then the travel experience was still wonderful. A memorable weekend overall!

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