From the Roots

My Father’s nephew visited my family in Melbourne over the long weekend. It was great to spend some time with my cousin, Cris and his wife and son, as it gave us a chance to do some much needed catching up. Actually, Cris hasn’t really seen me since I was a toddler until last year when I met him in Singapore. It’s been a long time since I’ve had much contact with my father’s side of the family but spending time with Cris has allowed me to fill in a lot of the gaps of knowledge I have about my family roots. Firstly, my cousin Cris has an uncanny resemblance to my Dad. It’s like looking at a younger version! More suprisingly, I apparently bear a unbelievable resemblance to both of my father’s elder sisters when they were young, one of which is Cris’ mum. My Dad always said that I reminded him of his sisters, but I didn’t believe him until I saw some photos from my 2nd Aunty’s old album last year in Singapore. These photos are from the 1960s in Singapore when my aunts were in their early 20s. As you can see, the hair is sky-high since they were both hairdressers haha! Very glamorous, and reminds me of the movie Hairspray.

My eldest Aunty who is Cris’ mum.

Me at 26.

My 2nd Aunty in her early 20s.

My boyfriend JJ and I.

My 2nd Aunty getting married. Very glamorous 1960s style!

Hairspray the Movie

Brittany Snow from Hairspray movie.

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