Wild at Heart

My boyfriend introduced me to this SUPER COOL groundbreaking concept which allows people to bio-custom design their own sneakers with stingray leather. As sea creatures, I believe its a natural defense mechanism which allows these animals to camouflage their skin to any background (like a chameleon!) and this allows the makers of these sneaker to farm the stingrays for leather and create any kind of print you wish! I heard that these are impossibly expensive at a few thousand a pop, but the idea is cool. You can even use their online custom design tool to see what your sneakers would look like. I designed a pair myself below which I titled “Wild at Heart” which I think is fitting. Of course the idea of poor little stingrays being farmed for my sneakers is kind of sad, but leather booties are no different, and at least stingrays don’t emit as much Co2 into the atmosphere as cows do. Tell me what you think of my design. I think you win your own custom pair of sneakers if you get enough votes on the website. Checkout RayFish Footwear!

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