I’ve been wanting to try something more dramatic with my hair for a while so I decided to get BANGS! YAY! I had to get my hair coloured and cut anyway since I haven’t had anything done to my hair since last December. My former hair colourist left town, so I ended up leaving that salon and tried Shibui in South Yarra. Shibui has a very natural focus philosophy for hair, and do colours and cuts that are easy to maintain and look natural for each individual. I had a charming hairdresser, Ashley, who paid a lot of attention to detail when cutting my fringe/bangs. Sean was my new hair colourist and he had a very “no pressure” attitude. I brought in photos of the cut and colour I wanted and I think they both delivered the dramatic change I asked for. Below are some photos of the actress, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who I happened to see in Scott Pilgrim Vs the World last weekend (awesome movie by the way!). After Googling her images (that sounds weird haha), I was inspired to try her hairstyle for myself. Let me know what you guys think!

My brand new bangs! Bang-on!

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Hairstyle Inspiration. I think Ashley and Sean did a “Bang-On” job!

My hair colour has kind of a gradient with brown on the top and higlights on the ends.

All smiles. I was told the fringe is meant to draw attention to my eyes.

Side shot.

Mary Elizabeth in Scott Pilgrim Vs the World.

Mary Elizabeth in Death Proof (directed by Quentin Tarantino).

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  1. […] If you’ve been following my Twitter (@AboutSusanna), you’ll know that I got my hair cut about 2 weeks ago. I had about 30cm (11″) length chopped off my head!!! My good friends at Shibui – Tommy and Julie – did my hair and colour. Tommy is way fun and I just LOVE my new short hair. It’s now as long as my collar bone, which I guess you’d say is short to mid-length, but its a hell of a lot shorter than before!!! Julie was an ace colourist, did a great job with the lightening of my hair. She used some method which didn’t require me to get highlights but gave a similar affect, which saved me a whole lot of money! Julie knew what she was doing, so even though I asked to go lighter, she knew better. Anyway, after about a week, I did a little selfie photo shoot below. Lemme know if you like my new short hair! (See what I did with my hair the last time I went to Shibui here.) […]


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