Alice Euphemia Fashion Haul!

I have been a bit indulgent of late and splurged on a few items! This haul covers some expensive boutique shopping. Oh My! My favourite item has to be the Kuwaii Silk Trench Coat in Tangerine Red-Orange that I found at Alice Euphemia. For those of you who aren’t in-the-know of the Australian fashion industry, Alice Euphemia is the Go-To boutique in Melbourne for all of the hottest emerging Australian designers. Everything they sell is made of beautiful fabrics, great quality construction, and in limited quantities if not special editions. My new trench was by far the most expensive (I won’t detail), but it is so beautiful and something I shall wear forever, I just know it! It’s not a conventional trench coat in a sense that it’s super soft without stiff construction, so you could almost wear it like a wrap dress. Definitely a statement piece! The 2nd favourite item has to be the Ellison Blue Rose Silk Blouse I bought also from Alice Euphemia. This silk top is made of the most divine fabric I’ve ever touched with my hands. Honestly, I’ve been buying a lot of cheap stuff online (on a budget people) and I almost forgot what good quality fabrics felt like until I touched this blouse. It was immediate, the difference I felt. This fabric is also a print that was especially made for that season’s line, so forget about Sportgirl or Forever 21 having a dress made of this print fabric. Forget it! Check out some of my outfit snaps below. Ouch, my wallet still hurts…

Beautiful Kuwaii Tangerine Trench. Such a statement piece! I’m wearing it with my Nasty Gal romper (check previous post).

You can wear the trench open or wrapped around the waist like a dress. If I was wearing it closed I might have a light slip underneath.

The lapels are asymmetrical and take the edge off the bold colour!

From Kuwaii website. Beautiful! Click to check it out!

Simple silk top with faux leather shorts. Roses and leather? It works!

Silk fabric is soooooo nice to touch! Wow!

From the Ellison website. Click to check it out!

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