White Christmas Tree – No Snow Required

Christmas is creeping up and I just love it! It’s my favourite time of year and I feel like there’s no better place to be than in Melbourne, Australia! Over here, Summer is about to begin and the skies are blue, weather is heating up, fruit is in season and people are going to the beach. Perfect time than to set up my beautiful snow-white Christmas tree! Since opting for a white synthetic tree 1 year ago, I’ve never been more in love with my Christmas decorations. White trees just make all the ornaments pop to life! All the neighbours in my apartment complex love my tree too, and the kids will run down to peek through my window and pick their favourite ornaments. I took a few happy snaps of the tree in all its glory!

Update: I just found these  tips for winter decorating from the Ryan Homes blog. Who would have thought to make a mini-tree to hang up Christmas cards?

White Christmas Tree complete with stocking! JJ has been a good boy this year!

How the kids in the apartment complex see my tree through the window. They like to pick their favourite ornaments, so I place as many different ones facing the windows as possible. Can you spot the kitty cat?

Love how the white tree compliments all of my blue and silver ornaments!

No tree is complete without a star to top it off!

My lit up Christmas Wreath on the front door!

This is what I was listening to while setting up my tree! I think it reflects my jazzy take on your typical White Christmas 😉

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