Iggy Azalea Rhyme Vicious

For the last month, I’ve been listening to Youtube sensation, female rapper, Iggy Azalea on repeat. I came across a reference to her while watching a makeup tutorial on Youtube and I not only love her look, but I just LOVE her music! Her rapping is pretty vulgar if anything, and when she says that she is “raping words” it conveys her message pretty accurately if you ask me. For instance, one of her hit songs is titled “Pus$$y”. If you can handle the shock factor you can try listening to it. As for me, I have it playing on my ipod every morning when I jog hahaha! But that’s why I love her music so much, because not only is she this gorgeous Amazonian, platinum blonde with great style, but she is a talented rapper who flaunts her femininity as if the whole world was flipped around and women ruled hip hop. Pretty empowering if you ask me! Iggy is also a small town Australian (YAY!) setting things ablaze on the hip hop music scene in the US, and she’s collaborated with big name rappers such as T.I. and headliner DJ Steve Aoki. Weirdly enough, even though her rap persona is so tough, she seems so reserved and quite sweet in an interview I heard on the Breakfast Club radio show on Youtube. That must be further testament to how talented an entertainer she is.

Check out her style in the pics and video I posted if you’re a fashionista, and if you’re not easily offended, listen to her music – I’ve posted my favourite music video of hers below.

I love her style! Lots of brights, bold lips, slick high pony-tails.

I love her style! Lots of brights, bold lips, slick high pony-tails.

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