New Beginnings…

This is my first official post on my new blog! This year, I turned 26 and I figured that now is the time re-evaluate where I am in life. I have plenty of time for big and serious things, but I wanted to take the time to find out what makes the lives of people enjoyable and meaningful. What better place than the internet to find out what goes on in the minds of people in this world. Sure there’s a lot of “noise” and garbage to filter out, but if you look hard enough, there are some sincere and relatable people who make very simple things enjoyable. Hence, I developed a real interest in Youtube channels and bloggers, and it never ceases to suprise me the great and colourful things people do. I hope to fill my blog with lots of interesting craft projects, fashion, travel updates, gluten free foods, health and beauty reviews, and all other things curious and fun. Starting this blog is another way to track my journey as I learn new things all the time. So if you’re curious like me, there will always be new things to learn about me and the things I take interest in. I hope you all enjoy!

Mini-Me for my blog!


  1. We all love the hand-crafted cards you sent. Flo loves the way the handle on the cup pulls out to complete the “pop up” experience. Very clever! She plans to show it to all the sewing group tomorrow.


    1. Hahaha! Awww! How nice. I’m glad she likes it. JJ and I used lucky 4 leaf clovers to appeal to the Irish part of the Rush family!


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