Dirty Princess Bun

I had a formal work occasion to go to in Ballarat last Friday. With my hectic work schedule, I generally need to get ready in minimal time. My hair is the oily type that gets very shiny pretty much everyday. Even then, I also only wash my hair 2-3 times a week, because my hairdresser told me it’s better for my hair and also wastes less shampoo and product. So basically, my hair was greasy and I needed it to look nice but with no time to wash and blow-dry. Time for the – DIRTY PRINCESS BUN!!!
I really love this hair-do because it’s so easy, elegant and you don’t need to wash your hair. I’ll try to do a video hair tutorial soon enough to show everyone how I do it. Here are a few photos from last Friday.

Sleek at the front.

Side Shot. You don’t actually need a lot of hair to make this bun look big.

It almost looks like a donut sitting on my head!


  1. Very elegant hair style. High fashion, yet you say simple to do? I can’t wait for the tutorial.


  2. Nice look!
    Just need my hair to be a little longer. 🙂
    Ballarat? Interesting…I’m in Ballarat…


    1. Ballarat is a nice city. I drive from Melbourne to Ballarat for work on occassion which is a really nice drive. I actually wanted to take photos of the drive up to post on my blog, but I didn’t want to die in a fiery car crash at 110km/hr haha! I was at the Mercure Hotel Exhibition Venue which I’m told is one of Ballarat’s nicest venues last Friday and was chatting to the city’s Mayor Councillor Mark Harris. Nice man!


      1. I live near the Mecure.
        It’s a good venue if size is what matters! 🙂
        There are smaller venues that are far nicer.
        Yes, the Mayor of Ballarat is usually pretty accessible and often chatty!
        I moved here 10 years ago. Chose it because it is close enough to Melbourne…one of the greatest cities in the world and yet far enough away to not have to deal with so much traffic everyday!


      2. Hahaha! Yes the traffic is getting worse in Melbourne. Nice to know you’re not so far away!


  3. Is that a sock bun? Love it!


    1. Actually, no socks involved! It’s just hair, and you don’t need too much hair to do it either. I’ll try to have a video tutorial up soon!


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