Breaking “Lady Cutler”

I’ve been a bit all over the place again for work, traveling here and there. I do work hard and play hard, so this weekend I went to a party that my boyfriend JJ and his breakdance dance crew were performing at. The party was held on cruise boat called the “Lady Cutler” in the Docklands in Melbourne. It was a lot of fun hanging out with JJ’s friends and I was asked to film their performance. I got a lot of good footage, and since I’ve discovered a new hobby for video editing, I though I might as well turn the footage into something entertaining. You can view the video on Youtube! Some still shots and group shots are below. I’m center in the purple skirt.

The Uni Melbourne Breakdance Crew!

Solana does this awesome headstand off-kilter! Quite a show!

This is a still-shot of Kurt mid head-spin!

JJ and his pal DJ!

Full group shot with JJ and I in the center.

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